Sunday, October 3, 2010

Scheduling Difficulties

I now think I am scheduling madness into my schedule!  It cannot take another freaking thing!  Good lord, there just are not enough hours or coffee in this world!  We need a 4 day work week and a 3 day weekend!

Thursday's Intervals with the Cross Country team went really well :) although not to plan; I ran Thursday morning near home (8.4km) and while I was running I had formulated this plan; they should try to hit their race pace (estimated from their race time) and then they would, while learning to recognise that pace, they would take each half km interval a couple of seconds faster than race pace. 

They didnt really know what their race pace felt like.

Their first half km interval was about a minute faster than race pace, on average.  LOL So Im like....slow down on the next one.  And they were....barely slower. So I am like reconsidering the drill and attempt to get to slow down and recognise race pace before they could possiby run intervals at that race pace. LOL 

It did accent the important lesson of running with other people in a crowd; sometimes you can get carried away by the pace, trying to keep up, adrenaline kicks in. A lot of them recognised that in the last race; in the crowd they got carried away and set off way too fast at a pace they could not maintain for long enough and ended up being slower.  :(  Because of that we couldnt get this drill quite right. 

finished 6 half km intervals in plus a half km warm up in about 19:30, finishing the day with 12 km.

Friday I had intended to run hills with the team but forgot my sneakers DUH.  No time other than that really, with work and Pro Show weekend on us; that was that. :(

So Saturday I got out for a 5 km run really quickly (read: stressed!) while trying to get the kids off to Pro Show on time; kinda didnt work out that great LOL

Now it's Sunday morning; Ive not had a real meal in 2 days, Ive been on my feet most of those 2 days and not sleeping well; and Ive a 23 km run on the schedule this morning.  I realise I need to be flexible with my training and maybe this isnt set up for the best run ever :( But if I dont go now, When will I get this run in?  Work tomorrow, Busy week ahead again; It just isnt going to happen if I dont do it today :(  Im set up now for failure.  And mentally freaking myself out too....just thinking things like "set up for failure" kind of seals my fate :(  Im thinking if I just plan a couple of loops , then at the end of any loop I can call it off and go home. Ive not had many DNF training runs SIGH.  I wonder if it's even sensible. 

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