Monday, October 11, 2010

Nice trail run and Taper Freaking

Had a nice run with the cross country team today; keeners came out on a Holiday since we had a holiday and an important meet this week.  It was good weather for running (but not for sitting around) and the trail, although tough, is getting really familiar now!  LOL  HILLS!  Sheesh.  7 km, 43:14.

Been reading too much!  Do I need a strategy?  Should I be packing already? What do I need to buy?  I must need to buy something!  Ive not picked a shirt yet, I dont know what to wear on top of what, where my gloves are, what food I need, what to carry, what to put on my Ipod list, what to take off, when to charge the Garmin, bring the charger, did I mention Ive no shirt yet? Everything chafes....will it be too cold? Warm??

And JEEZ the weather forecast SUCKS.  I cannot imagine running for 5 hours in the freaking RAIN!   But that is the current forecast, solid all day, rain.

90% chance of rain
5-10 mm
40 km/hour winds (ugly)
13 C temps...might be ok but for the 5 hours in the rain SIGH.

This does not thrill me and still leaves me wondering what on earth I should pack and when I should pack it since Im still kind of using a lot of stuff including my bag.

I need a plan!  And I feel like it's too busy and too late to make one.

Freaking is an understatement.  It's likely better not to actually approach me this week, especially if you want something.

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