Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Putting in the miles

Im not sure how much value any of the runs I do this week has...Im not sure how much switching up the days will hurt me; Im not sure how to taper properly.

Did a 6.4 km tempo ish run today and it was nice; pace was good, it was interesting :) 39:10 minutes so a fairly good pace. 
Ive been thinking a lot about the way I compensate for things that hurt, and then something else starts to hurt.  Thinking of the uncomfortable feeling in my knee last couple of runs, I switched up the way I put my foot down, and the pain went away.  I had been getting a sore spot on the ball of my foot so to ease that, Ive been underpronating.  and that's been hurting my knee.  I ignored the sore foot and put my foot down flatter and of course knee felt fine after that.  I might have to get something to ease the blister that I am sure will form where my foot rubs, but that's a small thing if my knee doesnt give out. 

I need to concentrate on keeping my form correct before it causes injury!

Likely not going to get a run in tomorrow; Cross country has regionals and it's going to be a long long day! 

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