Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Park Running Again

Today was supposed to be a 6 km tempo run but I know Im not going to have time to run tomorrow so I thought run a little longer today and a lot longer on Thursday :) no run on Friday :)  Long run on Saturday :) I went to the park and ran hill after hill...I ran the loops the kids are running for Regionals next week and there are an awful lot of hills! UGH!  its really hard.  I think hills are your friend; I think they are also very hard lol

anyway I did 10 km total in the park on hill after hill....1:06: something...includes wandering a few times lost lol I think I climbed every major hill at least once lol.  6.3 km before the team arrived and 3.7 after meeting with them.

Tomorrow is the meet in St FX...will run again on Thursday.  Unless things work out ok for tomorrow which I do not believe they will. :):):)

Park was beautiful by the way. Fall really does make for awesome running no matter how terrible Winter following along is. Ask me how awesome it is when its 10 C this weeknd and Ive a little long run to do. SIGH long sleeves? LOL


Gaspegirl said...

I love the fall foliage too, I bet it is therapeutic to run in the park.

Scrappytbear said...

It's really relaxing *except the hills ;)

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