Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another 10 km

I had hoped to go further today but I really should be happy that I got out at all with the rain and the wind. OMG wind LOL.  It was around 60 km and gusty.  Fun.  But the sun came out and I did get out of work in time to get in 10 km before the team showed at the park :)  10 km 1:00:54 good time for that wind. I wore my new One Tooth shirt and it was stretchy and comfortable but way hot and I took it off after a km.  Put it back on at the park - really cold in that wind and I was soaking wet.  Nice :)
easy run for the team today after their race yesterday where they kicked it nicely! :) fun fun!

I have core to do yet tonight since we didnt do it at the park; cold and windy :) Hills tomorrow :) supposed to be a rest day but Im going to do the hills with the team.

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