Thursday, October 28, 2010

Celebrate the Full

Ive been checking things out to quietly celebrate my little full marathon accomplishment. I mean, besides getting a Tattoo. What can I wear?  LOL
There are a few sites out there that make some custom Jewelry that celebrates these little accomplishments and one of my favorite blogs to read is doing a giveaway for these Anne Franklin Designs charms LOL which I would like to win since so few of the giveaways are availabe in this foreign country of ours (yeah, Canada. Might as well be botswana)
Go read Shut Up and Run and check out the giveaway while you are there! But don't go winning my charm. That's mine ;)


Ian M. said...

I got the tattoo...

Scrappytbear said...


Faith Ann said...

I started following your blog a while ago and haven't commented yet (oops!).

I ran my first full marathon on PEI last year with my husband (although, by "with", I mean he finished an hour ahead of me lol).

To celebrate my marathon, I ordered a bracelet from I had a charm made for each half marathon that I ran last year and one for my full. I love it :)

Of course, hopefully you'll win and then you won't need to shop around! Good luck :)

Scrappytbear said...

LOL thanks!
I recognise your name; I believe your husband sent me a great post on his PEI experience that was helpful while I prepared for mine and I am a blog follower of his ;)
Im checking out the charms; Hope to win but I would not count on it and still need charms! I should catch up on my half marathons too!

Ian M. said...

I got it last year after my first full. It`s a winged foot. I think a pic of it is on my FB profile.

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