Saturday, October 23, 2010

Im Back!

But without a program and a goal Im kind of uncommitted.  Feeling better especially after the massage; I do not believe in miracles but that massage did wonders!  LOLI felt great Tuesday night and by Wednesday was back to normal.  IF I had not had such a long long day at work I would have run on Wednesday.

So we get to Thursday (When I started this post).  I went to work pretty early and saw a coworker, passed stuff out to a class, and then went for a run :) It was sunny and not too cold and perfect weather (yeah still windy; its been a few weeks SIGH) :)  Had an easy 6.4 km in about 41 minutes so I did not waste too much time before getting back to work.  Showered and put in a day at work and CC practice :) 

i figure but for a bit of sleep the recovery from marathon is going well :):):)

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