Thursday, October 14, 2010

Off Program lol

I cannot stay on even during the last week; Im all over the place!  Monday's rest became a run, Tuesday a run, Wednesday was a rest, Thursday's rest is now a 6.4 km.  Tomorrow rest and Saturday a short "stretch" run. Marathon Sunday. SIGH.

Its been very stressful here; Im a little preoccupied with the run and I cannot think of much else.  The Cross Country team did well at Regionals and most made it to Provincials.  Running is really taking up a lot of time and effort right now.  The kids have their sports beginning and getting busy; hockey evaluations this week.  Its a really busy time.  Conflicts over what is important and who has to compromise are making things stressfull, and making me wonder if success in this marathon is even possible. Many a tear has been shed over the stress. 

I keep reminding myself one way or another, it's going to be over.  5 days, 4 days, 3 days.  Im not sure how things are going to be afterwards; I hear about the let down, depression, wonder how one keeps on going, how long before jumping into new goals...and some lasting stress over the conflicts. But things are busy, which will certainly make it necessary to just keep on going. 

The weather forecast went back to crappy today :( 90% chance of lots of rain and high winds with a lower temperature. What to pack? What to wear? Change part way?  Will I even have someone to carry dry stuff?

With the crappy weather tomorrow It will be a good thing that it is rest day LOL.


Gaspegirl said...

Oh my dear friend... you are feeling the pressure and I wish that I could help you with that. It won't be long now and you can take a breather and it will be a well-deserved breather. Good luck on Sunday, I will be thinking about you. Can't wait to see pics (don't you hate me for that? Here you are trying to mentally and physically prepare for this last marathon of the season and all I want is to see the pics! Sorry... but I still do).

You will be stronger for this


Scrappytbear said...

Thanks Marge you're the best :)

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