Monday, October 4, 2010

Long Run Accomplished

Marathon in 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS!  OMGOMGOMGOMG

I really did not think the long run would happen; I was sure that I was too "set up" for a total fail yesterday on the long run. So imagine my surprise when it went off without much of a hitch. 

I usually plan these things better but I was so sure I was only going to get through a little bit of the long run, I didnt bother to check any distances. Because of that, I ended up kind of wandering around at the end to get the km in. 

Started out with difficulty in getting the kids to Drama and looked after; it can be so tricky getting these kids dropped off and picked up when one parent is consumed elsewhere.  There was no way I could do it all. Scott managed and I got the couple of hours I needed.  I dropped off the book ends at Drama and Holly at the Pro Show and off I went.

I loved the trail we ran last week and it wont be this pretty for long so I decided to run it again. Guess what? It's just as hilly the second time as it was the first time. LOL  I ran out; rolling hills tending upwards the whole way out pretty much to the trail part then it flattened slightly. I ran to the power lines past the trail (Think woodsy road) and then turned around and ran back. Rather than turning back to the Chalet's I kept straight after the covered Bridge (Im telling ya, this trail is pretty) and went through some very nice wood road and only met 3 very large trucks (On a Sunday morning? In the woods? REALLY? LOL)  and this had a steeper grade to it so the downhill portion was a little shorter.  No worries. I think this part was a little shorter (not sure how that could be) and I ended up back at the main road with over 9 km left to go. Had half an oatmeal bar and I headed right towards the bay corner which came too soon, so I kept going to the water hole where I could refill my water bottle (thirsty by now) then ran the trail back to the church...STILL SHORT so I ran back and past the inlaws house (where my car was) and back again until I was about nuts...I hate it when Im tired and have to run around to make up a completely random distance like 23 km LOL.  But it's too easy to give in and say 21.5 was close enough; I need to make myself finish those last little km. Which I did in 2:33:27 which isnt bad for the hills and the time I had to stop and fix the Garmin because it had filled it's lap memory and would not stop beeping at me UGH.

Now for the worries...if Im this sore and aching at 21 km (half way) how am I going to do 42?  Shouldnt I be feeling better by now?  When I was doing 29 and 32 with Margie I was feeling great at the ends of these distances. Last 2 long runs, Ive been aching to the point of pain, sore in left knee, right hip; Im think that's a lot of Ibuprofen for the run LOL

How many people take Ibuprofen during their Marathon?  before? Right after?

I feel that considering how bad the days before this long run went, it was likely pretty good. But its those aches that are making me nervous.
With the taper on me, Im starting to wonder if I did enough. It's too late now to fix anything :( What if I should have done another long run? or 3, Ive been told I am not ready for the marathon if I have not done the longest distance 5 times; WHY do people have to make me so nervous?  Don't tell me NOW that Ive done it all wrong? That's opinion anyway.  SIGH.  I followed my plan and that's where Im at.  LOL  Longest of the long runs are behind me and it's rest time now.

Hardest thing from now til then might be fonding a hotel.


Melinda said...

Don't worry about what you should or shouldn't have done. You did great and your race day will be a memorable experience, I know. Also, toward the end of training, I think we all have more aches and pains than at the start.

In regards to ibuprofen, I actually experimented this time. For my 19 miler, I remembered to take 4 before I ran, and my legs felt ok at the end. Before my 22-miler, I forgot to take any and my legs were killing me!! So I really do think it helps if your stomach can handle it.

Ian M. said...

Aches and pains are common during the taper. The same has been happening to me, even my arms are sore...WTF?!?!? And yeah, expect to be in a lot of pain afterward. I couldn't negotiate stairs for nearly a week.

Runners World had an article about taking ibuprofen and acetaminophen before and during races. Here's the link:,7124,s6-241-286-289-13116-0,00.html

I think it was the reason why I had an extreme bout of GI distress after my first HM. Plus I was dehydrated, i think....

Scrappytbear said...

Im trying not to think constantly about running LOL It's all consuming! I might experiment this weekend; Im not terribly sensitive to meds but I'll read that link Thanks guys :) It's nice to see your comments here, very reassuring :)

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