Monday, October 25, 2010

Busy just being Active :)

It can be so hard to make sure we get Active into our busy lifestyles. I would like to say it is a priority, but some days it just is not.  It's been a super busy week with work and Cross Country and kids hockey and swimming and just stuff!  Ugh.  We get in what we can but again, without that urgent goal, it sure is easy to let some things go, like the runs and other activities. 

We have to be selfish if we want anything of our own.  Some times that is ok; we are all better if we do something for ourselves and our health.  There are some with inactive lifestyles that disagree and they give more grief than anyone else, of course.  Im not sure if it matters if I am spending some times running, biking, or reading a book; why do people mock the activities or ask if I feel bad taking soooo much time away from my kids?  Why would I even bother justifying?  Im not, that's why.

Anyway Saturday was Incredibly busy starting with hockey at 7 am for Holly and I in different rinks ;) I then showered and went off with Taylor on a favor and then some shopping, trying to find her clothes for a wedding....did not succeed; then off to Annika's hockey X 2, wedding, reception, 4H Banquet, reception, bed.  UGH.

But Sunday was better; 8.4 km run, hockey in the afternoon, a walk later to take photos of the kids.  It was good and somewhat relaxing :)

Times are only getting busier but that makes me appreciate the time I get out running even more. It's a good thing.

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