Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Obsessing about the Weather Forecast

Even tho I am fairly aware that the weather is a changing beast and it will change again before the weekend, I cannot help checking it every couple of hours just to see if it got better.
This morning it got worse.  You would think this would convince me to stop looknig but it wont.

Light Rain
80% chance
Winds 25 km/h
Rain less than 5 mm.

At least it isnt like Monday and Tuesday which now say less than 1 cm of SNOW. Im not sure when that's coming since the temps are like 7-11 C which is not freezing but anyway, so far no snow forecast for Sunday. SIGH there's that positive attitude!


Ian M. said...
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Ian M. said...

Which forecast are you reading?
Environment Canada says
Periods of rain. Low 9. High 9.
No mention of wind.

I'm checking it fairly often too ;)

Your forecast doesn't sound too bad. at least it's warmer and the wind has died down since your last post. A light drizzle is what the experts say optimal for running a PB. The wind on the other hand...

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