Saturday, August 29, 2009


more UGHS this past few weeks than anything else. Exhibition week was impossible to get in the runs I wanted. UGH. Weather has become cooler tho, so the runs are not going to be as uncomfortable now.
Almost half way through this training schedule now; 6 weeks to the half marathon in October and Im feeling extremely unprepared for anything. Not enough runs, not enough long runs.
Have a 10 K run tomorrow; Cobequid Trail 10K run. Totally not ready for it; had 6 days off running and then went for nice 7.5 km on Thursday. That actually was nice. lol Friday went to massage and now going for a 5 k this morning. Slowly. Will see how that goes. Need to be more persistent for next 6 weeks to get this half in! more UGH. Because fall is really busy and I expect to be busier than ever. UGH. lol

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