Monday, November 14, 2011

“Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.”

November so far has been an awesomely busy crazy month. I feel like we rarely stop running around and when we do I fall asleep almost instantly!  UGH! 
Im still not sleeping so well, so it's nice when I get to go to sleep early. It makes the 430 am mornings much nicer.  I wish I could sleep right through to my alarm, this sleeplessness is getting a little old.  I actually almost fell asleep in class yesterday while I was supposed to be watching student presentations. They were good but I was just that tired!

November 1 was the day after Halloween :):):) The weather was super nice :)  I did not get to go running until slightly later in the day, and I had been paying attention more to the weather eye on my desktop for temperatures rather than going OUTSIDE to see how to dress for runs; What a mistake lol.  It was way warmer than the temp said it was. I had worn a shirt and a vest over my shorts and it was so warm! I had to ditch the vest but they dont tie around your waist so well so I ended up hiding it in some bushes to get back to it later :)

Around 6 km I felt some cramps :( I had taken care of all sorts of GI business all day including drinking my coffee and eating right but still felt a little hungry and had some awful pains from 6 km to the end of the run. :( Did some trails and some road loops and ended up at about 13 km by the end :( but had to make a pit stop in some bushes when almost back to the end :( biggest FAIL to date LOL.  But 13 sunny km in 1:21:44.

The belly pains have continued to be a problem ever since November started :( Every run I go for is plagued by pains and it feels like my stomach is slapping around in there.  It's kinda gross. It has turned the last half of every run into a nightmare.

Wednesday is very busy and has been a rest day lately :)

Thursday was maybe very rainy?  I cannot remember if that was the day I ran in rain? It was a long time ago :):)  I have been having some issues with time managing; I just dont always use the time that I have; I just try to get one more thing and one more thing done :( and then I run out of running time :( but I have still been getting runs in; just shorter ones.  Thursday was 7.8 km in 49:44. Not great time. 

I cannot believe how much hockey the kids have been playing LOL and then there is mine as well :)
Friday morning Holly had hockey practice and I took Annika as well which was fairly painful lol.  She is not a morning girl! Had a nice skate :)  And then a busy day at work. Friday is becoming another rest day, at least for a couple more weeks :)

Saturday was 7 am hockey for me :) Then some bows were done; it was a little snowy out UGH I know snow! And after dinner we went to New Glasgow and visited my grandmother and aunt; then we visited another auntie and her family for supper :) nice :) then we bought a new dishwasher which still does not work SIGH. 

Sunday morning was Time Change day! Fall is a slightly easier switch than Spring; we gain an extra hour. But of course at night, it feels an hour lated than it suddenly is, and I feel it!  Annika had hockey but since I was up nice and early I managed a quick run in the barely-light out!  lol.  6.6 km up the hill and back in 39:20; had to hurry a little to make it in time for Annika's practice; it was not a game weekend. After my hockey game in the afternoon (1-1 tie) I took Annika to her hockey practice where we did tonnes of skating drills :)

Monday back to work and back to runs; I made the most of my time and did 10 km in 1:01:30. I went on some trails and roads around Bible Hill again; it's great to be able to use the trails as long as there is decent weather!

I am currently not making the most of my time; I should be out running right now but I am looking at finishing this 4 day old post now, before I allow myself the luxury of runnning. And while letting my dinner settle. 

Still struggling with the time change, Tuesday was a sluggish awful day LOL which I forced myself out the (work) door in some awful wind for another 10 k run. Wind is not my friend and it has been keeping me from running a nice (albeit flat and boring) BH loop around Farnham Drive.  It's just too windy out there on a still day! LOL  I make up for it by running other places ie. trails, town streets which buffer the wind a little.  10 km in 1:02:44 was acceptable lol.  Getting some good kms in this month so far!  Trying not to fall off the wagon.

Wednesday is still a rest day LOL

Thursday I managed time badly again and was left with a smaller window of time; if I dont get it done before picking up the kids chances are I will not get it done.  This was a niceeee sunny day and I didnt want to waste as much as I did inside!  LIke I am right now!  LOL write write!  Last Thursday I did run the trails alllll the way around the office area for 11 km (could have made it further, given the time).  It was great, lots of crunchie leaves :) 11 km in 1:10:06 SiGH.

Friday was Memorial Day so no school for kids, no work for me; and some super nasty weather.  It rained hard; temps were wonderful but 55.8 mm of rain and huge winds had this awesome floodplain town under water. Roads were flooded out, bridges closed. Holly had 7 am hockey and on our way home I enjoyed some high winds/rain driving. My window would not clear!   we stayed cosy in the house most of the day, watching movies and fluffing bows.  When we did venture out it was hard to get anywhere for closed roads.  I did decide not to run before the day; I mean really, I don't have to prove Im hard core by running through weather like that. I could. I choose not to.
I run through those tunnels :):):)  the road did not survive; it was torn up and floated away! 

Saturday dawned nice and early and somewhat less rainy/more sunny.  It was clear when i went to my 7 am hockey scrimmage and most roads, although not all passable, were at least not under as much water.  Holly had hockey at 10 am and we had to make several turnbacks trying to get there.  Annika had hockey at the same rink 2 hours later and we had to get to town to pick her up; saw some water damage and flood.
Saturday afternoon eventually I got off my butt and went for a run; was a little apprehensive about my route as some of it had been closed as of that morning but I found all roads and bridges repaired (somewhat ) and passable.  nice weather for a 8.5 km run 51:38 minutes and it ended in dark!!!!!  Yeah time change is biting my butt!
Sunday was a VERY busy day. Although I suppose I could have gotten up at 5 am to go run early, I REALLY wanted to sleep in; first time I stayed in bed past 6 am in over 2 weeks!!  So I luxuriously slept in until 7 am (restlessly) and then got Annika off to hockey for 9 am.  ZZZ.  After some yard work and clean up, I had my hockey game at 3 pm.  We started slow; I felt like I could not get my feet moving and was doing some awful bonehead things but we picked it up and I scored a goal on a rebound and a teammate scored to get us tied where the game ended :)
We stayed at the rink because Annika played a great game at 5 pm then I had to hurry over to Bible HIll or our first indoor soccer game; it's always such an eye opener, really, to restart something especially something not done in like 2 years; Im so glad I had the summer of practices with the girls team to remind me; and I think Ive learned a thing or two from hockey about keeping on moving; I scored the goal in our 1-0 win over a "pretty good team" and we had no spares, just all played the whole game. It was awesome.

This brings us to RIGHT NOW where I am still not running despite temps of 14 C out there (NOV 14 huh?) but it's windy SIGH.  I need to go out and run right now if I am going to get it in before picking up the kids from school.  Time management is not my friend!

Now we are up to date for another week :) My little workout journal/blog idea has taken some hits this year in the post department. I need to update more; the entire point is to be able to keep track of training, and if I cannot remember the runs, that's not working. 

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