Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Busy Times. Nothing to say about it.

I know this busy time will end only to be replaced by another busy time. Over and over I hear people say to us "you are too busy you have to cut stuff out" and Im just rolling my eyes because what can I cut out?  Really, only the things that I LIKE. The rest are here to stay. The kids are not over-scheduled; they are in like 2 activities each. unless you start adding up school stuff like choir and band LOL. And I have to work, I have to run, and I want to play hockey. What should I cut out?

Bows will be over soon.  That is a time suck lol.  Spend half my waking hours dealing with those things, including spinning them up, running all over town dropping off supplies and bows to different people.  I look forward to the time I am going to have when making bows is finished; time to clean my house, care for the pets,  clean out the car.  SIGH.

Running is going as well as can be. The weather has been rainy but I have gotten in runs in my spare (HAHAHAH) time. I swear, if I dont prioritize this shit it doesnt get done!  Im all about prioritizing myself some days!  We all need to come first once in awhile. (as long as the kids are looked after of course. My first comes behind them first. HA.)

Since last week there has been.... a lot of hockey and a lot of bows.

hockey practices and games X 8. the weekend was relatively hockey free with only 2 games for each of the kids. I played Sat morning and also Sunday afternoon; I played goalie for a team that occassionally calls me and I had a great game; they are good defense and I didnt let any goals in.  Neither did the other goalie so it was 0-0 at the end. But at least I didnt lose it for them. I cant score from my net.  In the game with my team, I did not score and we lost 3-0. No bitterness, nothing more to say about that.  (SIGH).

Thursday no running happened. Between working and office hours and hockey practices there was just no time left for any more.  Evenings are SO not happening right now.  We ran out at dusk to hunt up some pumpkins from the local pumpkin farm ;) and carved them on Friday.

On Friday morning I skated at hockey practice with Holly's team. Im not convinced they need me in any way but I like that early morning skate and figure I might as well be on the ice as sitting in the stands with a coffee. The kids had no school and they stayed home with a parent running in and out once in a while.  The rest of the day was a blur of meetings and classes and long lab; Anatomy lab has hit the stage of Cat Dissection and therefore are long and smelly ;)

Friday night we ran home and dressed the kids up for their parties; Taylor was invited to 3 parties and asked to babysit. She chose one of the parties. The two small people went to the 4H club party and had a total blast; they won the costume contest as Thing 1 and Thing 2.  It was a late night.

Saturday morning was super early with hockey pick up game for me and Holly had a game of her own. We left Taylor and Annika sleeping soundly and went out into the dark.  SIGH.  After my game the kids cleaned and I did bows til I wanted to wrap myself in wire and then I went out for a run; my "long" run consisted of a pathetic 10.3 km but it was nice weather and I was happy to get out. Time to start building up a few more miles to finish off the year before weather gets too nasty and runs are cut short by freezing temps. I think last winter my longest run was 16 km and I near to froze.  lol my handheld water bottle did freeze.  But the nice 10.3 km in 1:02 was a nice treat with the weather being seriously sunny (and cool not cold.)
In the afternoon the kids had a choir concert (halloween theme) and then they went to the Bearcats game and their grandparents for the night while I did some wild and crazy bowing. 
Sunday morning was the sleep in...til 730 am.  then we got around to going to Annika's hockey game and then I bowed until my games in the afternoon;  then I did more bows til bed time. Partay going on in here.

Monday brought more work and school and bows.  A freaking cold 5.1 km run was to be had; I didnt dress warmly enough as I should have had my light vest on, and I was really cold for most of the run.  I did it quite quickly to fit in between classes and the 5.1 km was about 29 minutes.  (its all relative right?)

After work We got the kids fed and off Trick or Treating (Happy Halloween) while I did YES more bows and then T and T til the kids went to bed; then I spent a couple of hours marking OH the fun the joy.  Bringing us to an early Tuesday morning class and lots of exhaustion going on.

Im looking forward today to a rise in temps from 3 yesterday to 7 today; Im waiting my run until later this afternoon in hopes the temps will go up and up and up.  The rest of the week looks to be above freezing temps and somewhat sunny by times.  Want a nice long run today as tomorrow there might not be a run at all. Thursday morning Im hopeful for a good run before seeing the Osteopath.  Will see :)

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