Friday, November 25, 2011

The Day After Yesterday

We survived the first snow of the year. It actually DID get very nasty!  We got at least a foot of heavy wet snow; luckily my trusty little CRV had no troubles driving on the unplowed roads to get me home safely :) We tucked in for the night and watched the snow.
The morning after (that was yesterday) we were slow to get around. I hopped out of bed and showered and got ready for the day; all before they announced School I looked out and sure enough we were snowed in; snow up to the garage door, road not plowed.  Scott took many hours clearing the driveway but by noon road was still not plowed; at least I could then get the car out and through the snowy road to work.  But It was damp and sidewalks are back to their nasty uncleared state (likely for next 6 months SIGH) and I just could not get myself out for the much needed run!  :(

After supper Annika had hockey practice; an hour of skating made me feel a little better.  We focused a lot on power skating and on shooting; it was quite fun!  Bed time came fairly early due to

Friday morning hockey practice with Holly! It is so hard to get organized for this one :( We have to get to school/work right after which makes it complicated. We try to get ready the night before but it is so hard LOL!

Holly wanted to get to school on time so we left practice early; only half an hour of skating this morning! But it is still a nice way to start the day!  I have planned a run for after this morning's class but it's still snowy out and cold so Im just not looking forward to it! It is hard to compete in a Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge when this weather just makes me want to curl up and sleep; how can I run as much as someone in a warm climate who is comfortably running for hours? UGH It's challenging :(:(:(

Will see how it goes :)

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