Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday Rest Day

I woke up Monday morning feeling less yeah LESS rested than I was when I went to sleep the night before.  I did not sleep well and when Scott's alarm went off at 5 am I didnt get back to sleep :( I figure burning over 1300 calories throughout Sunday can just be a big draw on your energies!
Once I finally concluded I had been stood up for lunch, I grabbed a snack and went for my run.  It was without a doubt the worst run I have taken in ages. I was dead right from the start. I mean, dragging tree branches for legs rotten.  No matter how I tried to improve my leg turnover, there was no response. I figured since I was going a little shorter (Thinking 5-6 km) I would do some speed intervals HA they were sad sad little intervals. Crept along warmed up for about a km then did 200 m faster 200 m jog for 4 km.  I THINK I did 11 intervals but I lost count. I actually walked once (it was the big hill) because I figured I could walk faster than run.  Oh I walked again later because the roadside had washed out and then been filled and plowed and it was just a mess so I walked.  So I walked twice. I wanted to do another mile to kinda cool out so I went out on a side road then I just kept going and added 3 more km on to make it 8 crappy, miserable km. In the wind. SO slow....52:30 was time. It was dismal.
Ah well it can only go up from there.

After work I had to take one Cranky, nasty little Annika to hockey practice; I almost went alone and left her in bed but I would have been crankier doing that so eventually she got herself into the car and we went to practice; another hour on skates where we did power skating; some Bearcats joined us which was neat for the kids and some of them actually worked hard.  Annika had a headache and she didnt put tonnes of effort into her skates but at least she did the drills as well as she thought she should and then we went home; after supper (creamed peas on toast...I eat too much bread) we all had an early to bed.

Today is my day of rest. Relative of course. Im not going to run. I think I will get the kids to go for a walk.  I saw the Osteopath this morning and she doesnt want me to run on her days so I will just rest. :) And walk. And maybe do yoga. She suspects among other things that my pelvis may not be moving normally due to adhesions from a C/Section 13+ years ago, added to a tailbone broken twice and general weirdness; and we are still working on my knee which is not painful everyrun, just some of them nowadays.  LOL Which is certainly better than September when it actually stopped me from running on hills.

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