Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm Baaack!

Already! bet ya thought I couldnt do it; 2 days in a row? Go me!

Because I am trying to do a better job keeping up and because I dont want to have to write an entire booklong post every single time I do sit down here, and so that I can get a post done in less than 4 days, I am determined to at least write every second day. Or every second workout? Will see :D:D:D

Yesterday was bloody freezing! and really just because I am not ready to give up my lovely fall weather yet! And I might not have to;
Highway webcam
Despite this awesome weather we are experiencing AS I TYPE (I love technology) we are supposed to get back up to the high single POSITIVE temps this weekend like 9 and 8 C!  So even tho my kids have been picked up early from school today (by their dad not me; Im stuck at work) due to a snow storm ;) this is not what we have to put up with forever. At least 2 more days of not freezing to death are going to be mine!

Yesterday was bloody Freezing (ummm dejavue?) but it was Bright and Sunny and we had a spectacular chilly run.  Something about the sun makes it all better. And there is still some strength in the sun right now; it's not gone all weak and sad and with little heat; I can still feel some heat when I stand in the sun (not in the wind) and let it shine on me. I love the sun.  And we enjoyed it as long as possible yesterday; 8.55 km in 53:47 awesome minutes before we had to go back into the building and be responsible employees.  We did some road running and less trail so it was more like winter running SIGH.  Brr. We ran near the high school (at noon) sigh and the students we had to pass were so rude!  I mean, do you have to walk 4 across and block the sidewalk AND the grass? Where would you like me to go? And then to glare at me when we say excuse me we need to like exist here? Ugh.

Today we were expecting this snow, like a foot of it (where are my damned snowshoes now)? and therefore we planned to go before it's expected 12 noon arrival. This snow storm has nothing in common with ME or was 2 hours early LOL. Ah well, we headed out into the snowy brightness and had a lovely albeit a little slippery run around the 5 km loop and including the trail we got in 6.7 km in 42:34 which pace wise sucks but what can ya do with the first real snow of the year?  Fall on ice? naw.  So we slowed down. Too bad the cars aren' many reports of cars and trucks off the road, accidents I hope are not going to actually hurt anyone but will cost insurance companies plenty.  Ugh more.  You would think no one knew winter was coming.  It comes every single year.

Ah well. Listening to the cancellations:)

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