Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello November, End of October Wrap Up

Finished off October with a few less miles than I had hoped for; only 112.9 for the month :(:( this is far below my goal, 50 below September's total (which was low) and 50 below last year.

Im not really on track for my goal of 1800 for the year; Im 350 km off! and I only have 2 months left for this 350 km. I don't think IM going to make it this year! :P
In October I was on the ice 11 times.  :)
I did 27 logged workouts; Activity was almost 22 hours.

11,288 calories burned with these activities :)

Longest run was 1:39:31 with 16 km run and 960 calories burned. 

Lifetime Totals (since MapMyRun :))
Total Kilometers

Total Hours


Total Calories

Neat stats.

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Gaspegirl said...

You amaze me lady...

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