Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Humid Weather finally breaks and Rest Day

Monday afternoon running with the Xcountry kids was grossly humid. They were dripping and could not believe how wet their clothes were. Im used to that; been grossly sweaty for a couple of years now.  But it really was hot and humid and they felt legs were heavy and dragging and they were way more tired than they should be. And they were; humidity is not a runners' friend.  I myself was better than expected after the long run of the day before; I actually did some of the km trail repeats that I put them through as well as running to the top of the trail and back down for a total of 5 km in about 31:30 minutes of running.  The km loop we did was a very hilly part of the XC trail here and it was not easy but they did not complain too badly.

The falls, not the XC kids and No one jumped during my XC practice ;)

Tuesday was an easy run day so they ran to the waterfalls and back twice; the second time at the falls  a bunch of them went swimming!
On Tuesday the heavy humidity had stopped and a cool (chilly) breeze had picked up, and I really was not hot enough for swimming but apparently they were, so they dipped in, many of them all the way to the tops of their heads!

I left them after they got out of the water and went up into the park for a longer easy run; was interrupted by a pee break at the top of the park ;) but 8 km in about 50:15 minutes was ok.
My knee has been hurting and has actually "spread" to the back of my leg. Im thinking I need more stretching and foam rolling ;)

Wednesday Im taking a rest day. I had a nice walk on the trail at lunch time of about 3.4 km but I am not running today! by choice! YAY! lol  I might get some sleep. I might get some bows done. Might go for a bike ride. But Im not running ;)

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