Friday, September 9, 2011

Checking In

Nothing much has changed around here :)
I was right about the weekend; KICK ASS weather and fun to be had!
Ran at noon on Friday with Dara, she showed me some new trails that are going to be AWESOME this winter for snowshoeing. Fun Fun!  LOL  We did 6.4 km, about 42 minutes. :) Was good.  It was super hot.  I love hot.
Then we packed up and headed for Scott's friend's cottage. But not before we ordered free glasses from If you have not, you should check this place out for your glasses needs! I have some pairs; I am wearing my glasses like accessories LOL not like glasses.  Red, Blue/Brown, Brown metal, and now, GREEN! LOL.  Easy since my prescription has not changed significantly in the past 3 years ;)  Even my 8 year old ones are sufficient for around home ie. watching tv. 
Anyway we went off camping and had tents in the friend's back yard at the cottage, which although it's not really roughing it, was still camping. We slept on the ground with no fly on the tent (chance of rain was 0) so we could see the stars. It was awesome.
Saturday morning we got up and had a lazy morning. I mean lazy. Coffee on the deck, breakfast, knitting (working on a sock I have since ripped out 2 more times), and time wasting. Finally we got dressed and went to Five Islands where we met up with friends who were camping. It was chilly there, so no beach walk and no hike (I had worn sandals...didnt know!) and we got super sunburned LOL nice visiting.  After returning to the cottage I put on running clothes and off I went, doing the cottage road loop and then since that wasnt long enough, heading up a smaller loop within, ending with 32:30 minutes and no idea how far.  WAIT. It is totally on the map for MAPMYRUN! Gonna map it. ok I thought about 4.5 but its more like 5.7 km that I covered. Go me! LOL  It was very flat and actually bothered my knee a lot. 
After I ran I met up with kids and men down the shore where the kids were bass fishing. They have never done anything like that before and they loved it. They caught nothing but thought it was awesome.

Campfire that night after an amazing meal and then sleep listening to the crashing waves and waking to the same noise was awesome. The 5 am crows were not so awesome. The weather the entire weekend was amazing tho so early mornings were easier to deal with LOL.
We had coffee and an awesome breakfast, before and during packing up and heading home to shower and head back OUT to the Valley to see my boys!  OK they are not my boys but as close as I am ever going to get.  They were lovely!

Home again and off to a good night's sleep!
Monday was Labour Day and somehow I feel Like I am forgetting what we did. Oh we had some company for a bit, I finished putting sealer on the back deck floor (have rails left) and we had the neighborhood BBQ which was actually a lot of fun!  Our neighbors are quite nice :) there was food galore and swimming and games and water balloons. I think grown ups had as much fun as kids. I had a test run that morning (later than I would have liked....very humid) and tried for 10 km, thinking I might go more later if time permitted but knowing I simply had to get that deck finished. I thought if my knee stood 10 km I would be ok.
What did end up happening was a couple of things. I finished 10.4 km in just over 1:06 which is acceptable, but in order to not have a very sore knee I had to do one of two things; I either ran down hills with a silly hitch in my stride where I dropped one hip rather a lot and then it didnt hurt. This is obviously not a long term solution.  OR I ran down the hill with a long stride, like a bat outta hell, which caused no discomfort at all. LOL weird.  Good Run. Did not go out later. Deck, company, BBQ, you name it.

Tuesday was the first day of school.  The kids were excited and we were not TOO late. They had a great day!  I had Orientations and meetings to fill my day before I picked up kids and carted them around. I was busy with the kids and housework until late that night and Scott went to a 4H meeting so no run.

Wednesday was first day of classes for my students and was a very busy day.  After school there was a cross country running team meeting and easy run to the park.  Distance was only about 4 km but it was relaxing and fun; in the middle we did some core/push ups and started some stretching. Good times.

Thursday was another easy run at the park with the team although I have to say, I ran with the kids who consider themselves "intermediate performers" and we not only went further but really pushed the run right to the end and had a wonderful time! :) 5.25 km in 30 minutes is AWESOME on the hills of VP. Good run!

Friday so far has seen a run with Dara around the trails of Bible Hill and another great run although there was enough discomfort from my knee that I actually walked down the last big hill as nothing else worked. UGH.  Shortly Im heading out to meet the team again, and will get a few more km in. We did 6.4 in 40 minutes which makes me pretty happy.  Good times.

Wishing for a nice relaxing weekend that is not going to happen.  There are numerous obligations calling my name this weekend.  I am looking forward to every one. 

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