Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What a week! Holy cow!

Since I last wrote I have:

taken one kid to the city for allergy testing and on the same day spent 3+ hours in the ER (which I hear is a short wait...) with one of the other kids for Xrays and a splint on a broken arm

Worked out with the Xcountry kids 3 times

Taken Xcountry kids to a meet once

had 10,000 meetings at work

had pizza for lunch and dinner one day

Survived 5 single parenting days without a lot of trouble

Gotten the kids to school on time once.

Ran with knee pain

Ran without knee pain

Ran 12 k with no pain; followed shortly by the 10 km Terry Fox Run where I had 2 little girls on bikes for company, also with no pain - 22 km split long run

Watched Holly's first Ice Hockey practice for 2011-2012 season

Met the creatures...er....teachers...at the kid's elementary school

Met with a Massage Therapist/Osteopath who says I am not only a mess but a puzzle and is going to work on putting me together

Attended Rick Hansen's Man in Motion 25 year celebration at the park in town

Gotten very little sleep.


So we have had our first broken bone. SIGH. Annika was jumping from the jungle gym to the monkey bars at her school and forgot about sweaty hands...slipped and fell off, landing on her right hand.  She broken the radius above the wrist. The ER doc splinted it, got us a referral to the IWK, and told us to come back in 2 days for a cast which we did...and the doc that day decided we would not get a cast but would instead manage the break with the solint rather than a cast and sent us on our way. We are still going to take her to the IWK, because we already have the appointment. Should be interesting to see what they do then.
Annika is handling the whole thing really well, with a sense of humour.  And she really doesnt seem to be in much pain; Unless she is overdoing it. But against judgement she is playing on the trampoline and running around the playground; but not playing on the monkey bars ;) I was going to take her on the Terry Fox run  this past weekend on her bicycle; she is doing so well, I forgot that she really cannot ride her bike for 10 km with a broken arm. She stayed with her Nanny.

Xcountry season is in full swing at the high school. Im doing far less hair-pulling this year as Lavinia is back and she is doing a lot of the stuff without my even knowing it!  Im lost most of the time but things are getting done so it's all good.  I do some runs with them and sometimes I just watch and give orders lol. Yesterday I was ready to run with them on some fartleks but just before practice I saw a new MT/Osteopath about my knee; she actually spent loads of time on my back, head, hips, etc. And made all sorts of "ugh" noises and "oh my" comments lol and she is going to work on getting me balanced and all body parts moving and working together, which should take care of loads of the issues I have besides my knee...which is not getting a lot of attention LOL.  She told me NOT to do right out and run as soon as I left her office...so I didn't.  But I am going to have a nice easy run today. 

The Xcountry team had a meet last week which is always very exciting and lets them know where they are in their running and what sort of work they are going to have to do in order to get to where they want to be. 

Scott was away for 5 days for work and it could hardly have been a worse time, with Annika's broken arm and all the extra things taking so much time and effort. And the dogs were real assholes while he was away.  No matter how well Annika is taking her broken arm, there is a lot of things that she cannot do, so everything is taking a little longer.  We had 3 school days and 2 weekend days; by the time Saturday came around I was WAY tired and did nothing but housework, laundry, and gardening. Because all that is nothing. lOL

Sunday I got the kids to Drama/Church, and then while I was waiting for them to be done, I did the first part of my long run; Garmin died on me so I just ran for awhile and turned back; my 10 k run turned into about 12 k in 70 minutes instead and I was late...

which made me and Holly late for the Terry Fox Run in the park; but we made it with little time to spare. Many of the Xcountry kids were there, and although they were way faster, Holly and Angeline (biking) and I did the (actually 9.75 k) in about 63 minutes, including stop lights, cross walks, water breaks, and dodging ignorant pedestrians who apparently had no idea that an organized run was going on. This was very disappointing to me; apparently a lot of the participants of the run left early on their own, rather than starting the run as a group; some went hours before, Im not sure why.  I think that this, combined with the fact that there was little advertising, the roads were not closed, there was a ceremony going on for the Battle of Britain, and the Rick Hansen tour was going on the next day, combined to create very little Terry Fox impact on the town.  It was almost an afterthought. Ah well, some money was raised.

After the run Holly and I got her ready for her first hockey ice time.  She is trying out for the girls PeeWee team and they had a conditioning skate. Holly looked SO SMALL. She is short and age-handicapped lol so she looked extra small. I hope her making the team will not be a problem, she is a great skater and puck-handler.

We were ready for bed after all this so tried for an early bed time but didn't get much sleep. I seriously tried Saturday AND Sunday mornings to sleep in and was awake by 530 both days and unable to go back to sleep. Kept the trend going last 2 mornings as well and gotta say Im getting a little sleepy. It can be hard to keep my attention on something like meetings when Im this sleepy LOL.  I have been sleeping with Annika while Scott has been away and despite me putting a big ol pillow in the middle of the bed she is still getting past and beating me up!

Im looking forward to catching up on some things now that we are a 2 parent home again! And that includes the running that was neglected!

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