Sunday, September 11, 2011

Long Run Semi-Success

Friday afternoon I did hill repeats with the XC team.  I had great runs up although not pushing very hard, already ran that day, being careful of sore legs.  Coming back down the hill was very painful.  I had to walk a few times, limped some, was uncomfortable. CRAP.

Party Friday night. Sat morning was signing up all the kids for all their winter activities.  Taylor is swimming as a senior this year.  Holly is trying out for the local-est PeeWee girls team. And Annika will be playing co-ed atom this year. I hope they all have fun!

Saturday night was a wedding. Brr. It was in a tent and despite wraps and stuff, it was very chilly.  Our table was on the end where the wind was blowing, and although the tent was great and it wasnt tooo windy inside, the wind lifted the tent flaps and the rain came in on us the entire time we were eating. So I was cold and wet. We warmed up later, all was fine.

Sunday afternoon I finally headed out for a run at about supper time. Not hungry, which is always a concern.  The sun was out and temps were perfect.  And I felt nothing from my knee for first 4 km, then just a twinge. It complained a little at about 8 km I had to walk down the big hill on College...but it improved after that and I did not have to walk any more hills. 

17 km done, I think sort of a good run, felt good, 1:48:19 without a lot of effort which is a pretty good pace including a little walking. Not bad for me.

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