Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday And I can't wait to be enjoying some Sun!

I hear it's sunny out. I do not even have a window to test that theory.  I open my door and peek out the window of another office and see that, yes, there is sun in the sky although it appears to also be cloudy (that could be smoke from the building across the way). 

Last Thursday was as I expected; I ran with Taylor and her friend and met up with the team doing an easy run on the trails at different areas. Taylor is trying, it's nice to see. LOL Her friend was easily able to keep up over the 3.2 km we did (24 minutes) while running back and forth letting Taylor catch up. A bit harder of a run for her that day as I was not waiting for her as much. She ran with Holly last night and she enjoyed it because when she ran with the 10 year old, she felt fast. LOL

I didn't feel like I was getting very many miles in last week so on Friday morning after lecture and before lab I headed out to do 10 km. It was a slow 10 K with some very tired legs.  I did as much trail as I could and knee was just barely piping up on the hills but enough.  I was very hot and when i did get back to my office (8.75 km cut short due to time constraints) I actually put on a fan and "dried off". It has been humid!  Holy warm YAY!  53 Minutes for the distance.  I had time to eat and sort of made it to lab on time (the clock over there is way fast).  That lab took the rest of the afternoon.

To combat the massive tiredness I have been going to bed lately WiTH the kids.  I dont always go right to sleep but I am trying to feel more rested. But sleep in the middle of the night can be hard to get; there was the 3:55 am dog barking, 4:30 am train, 4:45 am Scott leaving, 5:30a m howling SOMETHING in the back yard and resultant dog barking, 5:55 am kid talking in sleep and batting me on the side of the head with her cast...yeah sometime during the night she crawled into bed with me.  I see an early night tonight although I plan to paint the shed until dark.  Dark is coming earlier now; it's dark by 8 pm completely and getting hard to see by 730.

Saturday I did not run; we spent the rainy day in the Valley visiting family while Scott and my brother starting building his shed.  Lots of driving.  Few better ways to spend rainy days.

Sunday morning it was not sunny as promised but was not actually raining (94% humidity) so after the kids were off to Drama I went for my long run. I decided rather than thinking long run I would break it into pieces lol running a start on the Irwin Lake road and planning to head back at the end of the trail and finish up about 24 km on the trail which gave me an out if my knee was a "pain".
It took me over 28 minutes to actually feel like running; before that I was just going through the motions.  Once I finally felt like running things got a little questionable; why do things always feel like a good idea when you are running but in retrospect are a little silly? lol
Like my decision to keep going after the trail ended, and go right down into Hilden and back to Truro that way?  the trail ended at only about 4 miles so I wanted to get further before turning back and hitting the Cobequid Trail (yawn).  I underestimated how long it would take to get into Hilden tho; I hit pavement at about 10.5 km but did not get to the crossroads until about 13.75 km.  After heading down a 2 km steep HILL. That was not very much fun; knee issues and a cramping calf kind of ruined the down hill for me.  Back into Truro in about 19 km. NOW I had to get back to Old many times have I said I will have to stop running without my phone?  I cannot do math; on the trail I was thinking Old barns in 7 km which is acceptable but that is from Lower Truro not Willow street; SO now I was looking at another 9 km UGH.  I wimped out at 22.5 km at the convenience store to call Scott and see if he could come meet me in another couple of km but a fellow (That I know) at the store offered me a ride and I was all like...Yeah Ive gone far enough LOL So I stretched and then caught a drive back to the start.  My knee?  Acceptable although not as comfortable as last week. I was careful. 
Run done in about 2:22 minutes and a 6:19 Pace. not bad; I could have gone further but chose not to. LOL It is nice to have the choice.  And not overdo things.
I feel a little tired today and a little sore but not terribly. A workout with  the Cross Country team today should work out the kinks.  Will see.
Now going out to see some sun.

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