Thursday, September 22, 2011

She has a CAST now!

Baby Girl with her still-wet cast
After a trip to Halifax and yet another opinion we now have a cast on the child.  I don't disagree wtih any of the opinions of our now 3 different experiences; the first doctor waiting for the swelling to go down and recommending a cast seconded by the IWK; the second doctor's less-invasive approach to use the splint which Annika was doing awesome with; and the IWK NP opinion that, particularly since it was not just the radius that was broken but also the ulna, a cast would provide best immobilization and would protect best.  So now there is a cast in the house and we will see how long the child is happy with it BUT she is still currently thrilled. Also commented on how heavy it is! 

Not a tonne of running going on this week; Tuesday Taylor decided to discontinue her team swimming (OMG I am still having some trouble with this one) and she wants to run with me. We went for a run in the park and she was a trooper while I dragged her up and down and she wants to go again. NO knee pain at all but it was a short, easy run and often the knee pain doesn's flare up until after 4 km.
Wednesday I grabbed a short 6.4 km run before work, knowing the crazy day later would not allow a run. I actually had a really good run; very little comment from the knee. I wonder if this is the improvement I was hoping for, or just a calm after the appointment I had? That is 3 runs now without pain. But I can still occassionally feel the burn even when just walking. 

Wednesday after the trip to the city we had Holly's hockey, then haircuts.  All the girlies in my house got some trimmed hair (Annika chopped off a few inches).

Today is an an easy run with the XC team. I need a few more km but Taylor and her friend are coming so Im not sure I will actually get them in.  It's such a juggling act!

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