Friday, September 2, 2011

Plans Messed up and WTF is with my knee?

It's been another one of those weeks! Im starting to seriously doubt whether or not I can get these kids out of the house on time if I cannot even get myself out on time! It is taking me a really long time to get ready for work and Ive not gotten there when I wanted to yet! It's only going to get worse when there are 3 more really slow people to move as well :(:(:(
This has been quite a week!  :) I've kind of decided to make the posts more efficient Im not going to write every single day to mention a little workout although this idea of keeping a log was to keep track daily; and by the time a week is gone I have forgotten what happened anyway!  Will see.

Last Thursday I did not manage a swim at the pool; I think I just sat there. TIRED.  LOL  But Friday I did take advantage of the very last lane swim of the summer and did some laps. Not so many, I get chatting or watching the kids swimming lessons...Taylor was giving me some tips on my swimming which apparently is something she can laugh at, nice.  She says in a very patronizing voide...try lifting more with your chest and less with your head. huh?  I had a run that day as well although I dont remember where I went and what it was like; 6.5 km in 40:25. 
Saturday I suppose was a "rest" day; we had some spare kids and got a lot of house work and yard work done;  we went to the pool in the afternoon since it was very hot and likely the last swim we were going to get in before the pool closed for the year.  :( sad!   Scott was away all day and evening so we just relaxed and had a bonfire. 

Before the walk

Sunday was supposed to be my 20 mile run; first of this training cycle.  I didnt make it.  I did do the Cobequid Trail 5 km walk with a friend staging a come back from a spinal cord insult; it was fun and we took photos and chatted for 1:15 while walking 5 km at a good pace, 15 minutes per km.  Im really glad I could do this with her.  Hilarious at the start where there was no nerves to affect us, we were chatting and taking in other runners; saw this lady I SWEAR didnt her friends look at her?  Everyone needs a friend who will tell them that although they are fit and look great in their little

watching the pack vanish
  sports bra, those shorts are totally see through and that is QUITE the black thong you are wearing. OH my.

5km turnaround

Cashen Family
 It was a little weird at the start, as we were just a couple of walkers in a running race, to watch the runners leave us in their dust and disappear.  It was only about 10 minutes or so before we saw the 5 k runners coming back; we were not alone for long.  At the start to the trail I saw a rather bejewelled Ipod laying on the ground so I picked it up; it looked like a child's Ipod (sparkles) and it was playing the Rankins.  LOL I walked holding this stupid Ipod out to the side so that on the out and back course the runners coming towards us would not miss it (Sparkles) and I carried on this way past the 5 K turnaround and then I changed hands and held it so that the runners catching up to us would see it. Awkward right? No big deal but kind of awkward. Anyway just before about the 4 km mark, I hear behind me "that's my Ipod That's my Ipod" and before I can even turn my head to look at the voice this "woman" grabs the Ipod out of my hand and keeps running.  Wow.  I didnt expect her to stop her run and Gush all over the trail but a thanks might have been nice? Or acknowledgement?  Sheesh.  Did she think I was trying to steal it, and holding it out to the side was my way of sneaking off with it?  Christ, next time I see an ugly Bedazzled Ipod laying in the rocks in the rain, I will just leave it there.  BEEATCH.
After the walk there were prizes and really great food. I was SO Hungry! LOL.  I ate, it was breakfast type stuff and I really wanted it! LOL  I looked at the running times when I got home, and I should not have; If I had run a really super mediocre 5 k run, not my best, I would have gotten second in my age group. I have never placed in any run before in anyway way (unless you could the beer mile and I dont LOL),  and I didnt even have to have run well to place this day :( Try not to think about it since I had a lot more fun on our walk!

ready to go!

Sunday after lunch time we watched the winds pick up from the outer waves of Irene and the rain came in waves as well....sudden downpours and then nothing....right through the night.  So no long run was to be had. I took the chance to, after doing some yard prep, totally crash and we watched movies and stuff for the rest of the afternoon.  that was nice.

Monday night, after not having run for 2 days, I felt I had to get out for a quick run so I did a rushed 5.25 km up and back down the hill before Holly's soccer game right at supper time. Sheesh rush! It was also a long day at work and it was plenty warm. LOVE WARM.  32:41 for the 5.25 k. 
Tuesday was a run with Dara. We found a new fun trail from BH Rec to Osprey and will be using that more often :) It was definitely "trail" in so much more the sense than the Cobequid Trail or even the VP trails. It was awesome.  5.25 km in about 34 minutes (some trail issues hehe) and then I did a few more to complete 8.5 km in 54 minutes.  It was just about 5 km that I felt a funny feeling in my left a stabbing particularly when the grade was slightly downhill.  :( No big deal, I figured it was the pace and it would disappear when I did a couple more km at a faster pace. It did not.  I foamrolled and rested and stretched at home and hoped for the best.

Wednesday I ran from the college after work to avoid some of the hills; I went on CT to BHRec and then took our new trail up to the middle of the hill before continueing on the 5 km run course back to the college.  At about 3 km I felt a yucky feeling in my knee but not as bad as the day before so I thought that was pretty good :):)  Lots of stretching and more foam roller :):) 6.4 km in 41:17.  It was super hot. Another Soccer Game for Holly; last one for the year, it was their playoff finals and they lost their game but got Silver medals and did very well in the game. Circumstances as they were, this was the best outcome possible!

Thursday morning was the trail run at they park with the Xcountry team and holy 7 of them came out!  As well Lavinia was there and the weather was cool and it was quite nice. We ran up to the water resevoir which was SO pretty we stopped to stretch and look at the scenery for a moment, fog was lifting and sun was shining and it was quite nice. 5.25 km in about 37:48.  It was about 3.5 km in that I started noticing my knee was stabbing on little downhill grades and it would come and go.  Felt cold and would just give out; I was reduced to walking twice!  :( Then the pain would just be completely gone, then return for no reason.  NOT FUN :(  So Im not exactly sure what to do about this little hitch in my marathon plan.  I have made an apopintment to see someone and need a quicker appointment to see someone else but I have no idea what to quite do about this. I detect no change in my stride, no injury or fall, no reason for this except for something Ive no idea LOL. 

Spent the rest of Thursday walking a lot which doesnt hurt a bit ;)  this weekend we are going to camp with friends one night and visit with the newest Nephew and his older brother (oh and their parents) for a night, and rest as it's the nice long weekend and weather should be kick ass. :):):) Lets hope!  Not sure what to do for long run this week :(
Big Finish!!!!

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