Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Time Flies when you are Crazy Busy. Don't talk to me about Fun.

Where has time been flying? I cannot believe it is the middle of October (well almost) and students are starting to talk about MIDTERMS and I was like huh? Midddd terms?  Um. Crap. Where is my fall going?

Since we last talked, I have NO idea what Ive been up to. Lemme see if I can remember  ;)

Saw the Osteopath and had another rest day.

Run less than usual.

Spent a lot of time standing in my room spinning up bows and watching On Demand tv and movies.

Started Hockey and Im aching head to toe.

Skated with the kids.

Annika got her cast off. Her arm is more sore now than before. And stiff.

Taylor started school band. She is playing a French Horn.

OH I know where the time suck went. PRO SHOW.  Spent 3 days at the Ex grounds with the kids and their calves. Holly's calf won it's class. Taylor's was buried deep in 7th place.

It rained for 8 days. Starting to look at the shed and think that wood would have made a great ark. Our roof leaked. YIKES.

During that rain we ran the finish line for the last XC regular season meet. Regionals are this week.

KM Count for year has reached 1375 (almost).

Had thanksgiving weekend.  We had company at our house.

Had turkey dinner. Just one. Having leftovers today for lunch :):):)

missed my planned fall Marathon. It was this weekend past :(:(:(

Cleaned up the back gardens somewhat and started the front ones.

Read a book.

I clearly need to get more sleep.

I had like 3 runs last week which is ok; had some rest and actually my knee seems to feel a little better. Rest? Osteo?  Foam rolling? Not doing Nearly enough of that.

Ive not had a long run in 8 days. And that run was shorter than usual. Time is just not on my side, and I was getting that run in between rain showers so I was just lucky to get it done.  XC is almost over and then rather than being easier to get in runs it will actually get harder.  I know. But I use that time to run quite often. Not today :) Annika plays hockey after school and choir.  We had a thanksgiving practice yesterday and that is the only reason I got my run in. 

But today I feel a little more under control. Maybe we will finish painting the shed, cleaning up the lawn, and trimming the driveway.  Maybe. Only limited sunlight left and days are getting cooler. We have had some amazing weather this week; last week it snowed. SNOW!. And then it was like 23 C this weekend. We wore shorts. Confuse much?  Its hopefully going to be nice today at some point. I have some run to do :) 

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Gaspegirl said...

Oh don't I understand your title!!

I am taking a Psychology course (Learning) and am nearly at the end of a long process of completing my Bachelor that I just never did :P I can't wait to have it on my wall and about 10 hours a week back. Oh well, shoulda did it then and didn't, so I gotta do it now!

Make it a great daY!

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