Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hump Day Wednesday Between Runs

Ugh feeling so very tired and quite upset stomach; running despite it all. :( Hope this passes soon! It was a terrible night!

Took the kids to school and met Deb right there to go for our walk/run on the trail; about 35 minutes and 3.25 km spent there. Left right from there to do a run; planned Fartleks but I don't think I really did them well.  I tried for more effort for periods of time but was tired or got distracted and didnt stay on them very well and I have no idea how effective that is lol.  lots of hills in that run route tho; up the McClures Mills Connector and down Truro Heights; up Robie to King where I stopped.  9.6 km and 1:01 minutes. 

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