Saturday, May 8, 2010

Easy Run

The Hubtown Fun Run was this morning and that meant the kids got to run. Other years I have ran with them but this year parents weren't allowed on the track; I wasnt sure the kids would go without me (littles) but I got them paired off with buddies and run they did!
Holly found Lane
Annika went off with a classmate...
Here come's my littlest runner in the Kiddie KM :) She ran almost the whole way! Not bad for a kiddo who didnt want to go!
Taylor and Cara came racing around the corner in the first of their 4 laps of the racetrack
and Holly and Lane running strongly :)

All finished now :)

They had a really good run :):)

After going home and cleaning some house I did get out (Just before the rain) and did an easy 6 km without pushing too much. Lots of hills.
The plan for long run this week was to go running on Mother's Day before anyone else got up. When I mentioned this there were loads of tears as everyone claimed I should have breakfast in bed....I can't stand tears; I stayed in bed. And everyone slept in of course. Seriously how long am I supposed to wait? I got up anyway SIGH :)

Long run on Monday?

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