Wednesday, May 5, 2010


the Day after the long run I took a chance to run again (Scott away - likely not running next couple of days) and did what I thought would be a nice slow run. Wasnt feeling so well overnight and into morning so didnt have much hope.

Ran on the trail from highway to Old Barns and it was hot and somewhat sunny. :) I like hot. its not hilly and not at all hard; footing is great.

So despite tight in right leg/hip/ankle, ran the whole 6.75 km and did in Tempo style - 41:10 minutes which is about 6:05/km which is really ok for me :) Was happy about that; had a nice 1.5 km warm up too.

Too bad I wasnt able to run today ( learned to play 4 Square tho) and may not get out tomorrow either; going to the Sports Fair in Amherst! Im looking forward to that. Will pay close attention :)

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