Thursday, May 13, 2010

Trail Run with the Moose :)

We went for a trail run this morning; I want to do this weekly!  This morning I took Maggie Moose along.  I said I wasnt going to let her run with me til she was like 18 months old but I just couldnt wait. What if I just do it really gradually?

She was super excited to go; hopped up in the car, got her gear on; totally ready.  And she was amazing :) She trotted along beside me like she was totally trained to do that.  She's the easiest dog ever!  lol She never had to exert herself; its not like Im fast and I took the trails easy today and had some walk breaks for her.  She didnt veer off the trail or check out other dogs and people, but stayed right with me!  :):) She's a rock star!  lol I love this dog!The trails were awesome again; I dont thinkI took the same one twice and still managed my 7.4 km with ease. Got lost a few times, had some off-trailing too in order to vary the footing :) some trails were little more than a cut out at the moment for mountain biking.  :)  Weather wasn't very warm; it was just above 0 when I went out. But the sun was shining :):):)

7.4 km in a little under 53 minutes (walk, map check, pee break) for a nice easy run.  AND my yearly milage went over 500 km this morning :):):) only a little behind for the year now LOL and this training plan should take care of that :)

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Gaspegirl said...

Girl you are really rocking the workouts!

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