Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rest Over - Back at it! lol

Monday was a well earned rest day; called this past week a cut back week with the race coming; cut the miles slightly and the 12 km run became a 10 km race and a ball hockey game ;) Day of rest on Monday much needed so that running could continue today!

Have another run coming up this weekend; Im not used to them being SO close together but this Cabot Trail Relay is extra special and being run for Chris this year because he cannot run it.  I ran the Bluenose anyway because that one is for me; Im running the relay because I really feel strongly about running it. :)

And it's really no longer than my long run; in fact it is about 2-4 km shorter than I would be running on my own this weekend.  Only thing different making me nervous is the speed; the Bluenose is the first long race I've maintained under 6 minutes a km and it was barely.  I wont be able to do it for 16 km.  SIGH and I am sure there are hills.  And Taylor has a swim meet. Its all so stressing.

Back at it this morning; an easy 6 km became a fast 6.5 because I ran with Margie :):)  With our less than 40 minutes we kept pace with the race on the weekend and came in at about 5:57 minutes per km.  Oh well it was a nice run before the rain opened up and soaked the world lol we managed to avoid almost all of the rain. 

Tomorrow some sort of speed work then trails in the park on Thursday :)

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