Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bluenose Marathon

The Bluenose run is tomorrow; Im running the 10 K with a few other friends in prep for our alf marathon in 4 weeks.  Its a good Halifax event run all on roads and rather hillish.  :)
Why Bluenose?  Nova Scotians are totally known as Bluenosers.  We are the Bluenose Province.  We even have a boat; the Bluenose II.  But why Bluenose?

According to info from the Run: Legen had it back in the age of sail when the sea was at the very core of our existence, mariners would arrive in the Port of Halifax with noses stained blue by the dye of their peacoat sleeves - the perfect substitute for a handkerchief. (ew)  In their name, we run. 

Interesting.  I will be up at 530 and Im starting to think about packing a bag and getting stuff together. I have nothing for a good breakfast and dont have my usual prerun bananas and last year I assumed that like most runs there would be a bit to eat beforehand but there was not.  I can't do that again! LOL shock!
Run starts at 910 and I do not yet have my kids looked after.  Its going to be hot I am thinking.  Better pack sunscreen!  LOL.  And not a black hat. 

Wonder if my belly is going to settle; little stressed out about some life stuff.

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