Monday, May 3, 2010

Long Slow 16 km Success

After last week's fairly dismal 14 km I did have a better week; maybe more rest was needed after all that travel. Things certainly looked up!

Nice rest day on Sunday with lovely weather, allergy flareups, and a nap (thanks Benedryl lol) and some gardening :)

Monday I woke with a plan; this is very important to actually getting the run in; I have to plan when it is, picture it happening, and then most important key: do not come home LOL. The home is like a sucking vortex; I go in and dont come out! I get sucked into things like Laundry, vaccuuming, dishes, and internet. So most successful runs tend to be ones that happen once I leave the house and dont come back.

I planned a challenging route through Hilden and back to town and then around town to get those last 3 km in. Its very hilly for the first 5 or so km and then there is a very steep downhill km that kills the quads.

Had some upset stomach at the start but it calmed and I didnt hear too much from belly until about half way through but a little eating soon quieted that.

Uphill portion was ok...taken at reasonable paces. at about 5 km had some blue jelly beans and water. Then half an oatmeal bar at about 11 km. A few water walks in between. Did not stick to the 10 and 1 walking plan but I did stop for walk breaks every 20 minutes or so.

Downhill sucked. It was uncomfortable. I concentrated on maintaining form and not going too fast.

Did have some complaints from the right hip and knee and ankle. SIGH. Left foot was very quiet. Dont get it. Shouldnt it hurt? lol It hurts for other stuff. lol

fairly flat into town and around town. I so dislike stop lights, and I dont love it when drivers ignore me and pull across the side walk to go into their store, or even park there, making me jump out of the way and often into the road to get around them when they dont quite get off the side walk. There seemed to be more than the normal number of people who just didnt see me; I always fear the old ladies who are hanging onto their stearing wheels for dear life and squinting out the window; I know they cannot see me and their reaction time is going to be SLOW....I try to get out of the way but even way off to the side of the road those are the cars that tend to be closest to taking off my elbows. Them and the kids who think they are SO funny...lets make that running woman jump and crap her pants by driving right up her butt and laying on the horn. Hilarious. None of that today. Just old ladies. Must be old lady cheque day.

SO I get to the end of the 16 km feeling pretty full of myself and walk off towards the car...which I left at the top of the hill so I could cut off at least that much hill at the start of the run. I KNEW I would have to climb the hill at the end to get the car but it was at a leisurely walk and was likely good for stretching tight muscles. LOL it was still a steeeeep hill.

At the top I noted Scott driving around to where I was so he drove me from the top of the hill to my car and I drank a whole bottle of chocolate milk LOL. I often leave up a map of where Im going so that he has an idea of where I am and sometimes this translates into surprises like a bottle of chocolate milk at the end of the run :) Much appreciated. Wish he had found me at the bottom of that hill lol. BUT naw it was a good stretch hahahahahha

So long run success this week. I need to keep doing whatever I did last week to make it a good week :):)

Taking the kids running tonight. Should be fun...Im hobbling slightly with stiffness :)

No rest tomorrow...will do a slow short recovery run, Intervals on Wednesday, Tempo on Thursday, and I should be back on Schedule to get my long runs back to Sunday. Nice 16 km again this week. Gonna plot a new route; New scenery is awfully nice :)

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