Monday, May 10, 2010

Long Run of the Week ;)

Sunday (Mother's Day) run didnt happen. Wonderful chain of events all coming together to make sure that there wasnt a good time for it to happen. I would have loved to have had that time and activity to myself; Ive decided Mother's Day had very little to do with mother and more to do with get here see these people get there be seen etc etc. SIGH.

Anyway disappointment of Mother's Day continued to the evening and a Ball Hockey Game that didnt go so well. We played well but some flukey goals and a tired goalie created some goals that were discouraging. Obviously we lost and I didnt really feel like I had a good workout from it ;)

Fast forward through a terrible night's sleep thanks to a kicking 7 year old, to Monday morning bright and early. Bright is being optimistic; at least it wasnt raining.

The training plan said repeat the 16 km week. It does not, however, account for some upcoming races that are going to totally mess that up, so Im sort of modifying distances. Besides I really need to get used to longer distances. I dont see why I cannot continue to gradually increase my distances. :):):)

So today I mapped out about 16 km and then added some to run a total of about 18 km. And I did it at a faster pace than last week's 16 km. right to the end. I do believe, this may be progress. Today's route may not have been as hilly, at least after the first 6 km, but it was still rolling hills and not flat. So Im just going to keep on running.

Next week I will repeat the 18 km, then the week after is a step back week (flip flopped them) and I will do the 10 km Bluenose run; week after that is 18 km again and I am going to be doing the Cabot Trail so I am not even that far off distance :) a little adjustment goes a long way!

Have to see what is on the calendar for this week; need to get the long run back to Sunday so the next 3 weeks can be as normal as possible :)

Had a scare on my Saturday night run that kind of put things in perspective lol I was running past a parked 18 wheeler when this large white shepherd sort of dog raced out from under it with hair raised, teeth bared, and no tail wagging; all bad signs if you ask me ;) I stopped short and held out my hand and yelled No twice; he stopped and stared at me. I stared back at him ( Im not sure that's advisable lol). Now considering what to do, I looked around for owners and eventually someone climbed out of the truck and came around. I had my headphones on so I could not tell what they said; I said Not Cool. I heard some sort of blah blah and I said again Not Cool at All. Then I continued my run.

I was less concerned about the actual bite of the dog, than I was about the past 4 months of training being all for nothing if that damned thing had bitten me!

Hmm where is my head at?

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