Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just Stuff

Took Friday off and have not managed anything for today yet either; we went shopping and are supposed to be gardening and it is windy as hell and Im just cranky.  CRANKY.  I really just need to be aloneeee.

Went to the Bluenose Marathon Expo yesterday which seemed a lot larger last year Lol but was still interesting and some of my favorite potential yet unrun runs were there with booths and I saw this new to me?  New to all? Not sure. has the coolest series of races over the next couple of years (yes 2010, 2011, 2012) where you run one of 3 distances and get a medal. And the medal from last year fits with the medal from this year and makes the coolest frame-able collection of medals :) I want to run the first this year and may actually make it the longest of the three distances (under 16 miles) because I am kinda on a distance roll this year and wont be so sure about next year OR the year afterwards :) Git Er Done this year while Im seemingly fit. :)

Often I spend a little rest time with the running Blogs on the internet, getting ideas, gear information, running tips, and sometimes just entertainment. Sometimes my favorite blogs have little giveaways of gear they have been asked to `review`. How does one get to review, Im not sure.  Wish I could review some running shirts; nothing in this area has been wearable; Im running naked tomorrow apparently LOL.  picked up some short tight capris this morning tho :) not a total loss but my ass was already covered, and my top not so much as yet.  My tops that are now too large are chafing the crap outta me but I have not found replacements yet. 

Anyway one of my favorite running blogs to read is called Shut Up And Run and I can often find something to laugh about there from poo issues to running experiences to funny things kids say and do :)  She has some of the most honest running advice there on her blog:) love it.  This blog has a givewaway at the moment and anyone interested should pop over and see.  There is a running shirt but its too late to help me tomorrow ;)

God help me tomorrow.

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