Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Speed Work - Intervals

Got out to the track this morning to run some Intervals; Im realllllly trying to include speedwork weekly (tempo and intervals) as well as pushing it on most of my runs to keep the speed constant. And it is working although I have concluded I have a very small speed range; Uncomfortable over 630 (Yay) but not comfortable for very long under 530. Averaging about 615 or so these days without much thought.

Ive been doing intervals of 400 M but decided that I should also include some longer intervals now to start getting some maintainable speed memory (endurance in speed) and I slow the longer intervals down and do them when more tired to train to maintain speed (or effort if speed is missing) while tired.

So today I warmed up with a mile then did 2X400 M at about 5 minutes a km, then 2X800 at about 530-540 minutes a km, then 1X1600 at about 6 minute pace. (545 more often). It wasnt easy :) but it isnt supposed to be! lol
I rested between with a slow run for 200 m after the 400 m intervals and then 400 M after the 800 M. Cooled out for a mile then stretched and went home :)

Is all good:)

The rest of this week should be more relaxing; trail run tomorrow morning in the park of about 7 km, may take Friday off and bike instead, easy run on Saturday 6 km steady, and Im trying to take my long run back to Sunday. This week is supposed to be a 12 km step back week; I think I am still switching it with next week which is the Bluenose 10 K and do another 18 km this weekend. Again weather dependent.

Hip still uncomfortable and I have had a pain in my neck since I saw Chiro yesterday; adjusted improperly? lol rare. May have start of shin splints in right shin and left ankle still painful (maybe getting worse). If Im still so hurting at the end of the fall I might see a doctor.


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