Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bluenose 10 K RR

Been a couple of days so enough distance has passed between race and report; do NOT want the entire thing to be about dodging walkers, rude runners, strollers, and what is with the dogs?

Bit more prepared for the hills this year; they were far less painful :) The weather was absolutely perfect; if we had started 1 hour earlier it might have been cooler but OMG It wasnt raining! It was only breezy!  Sun was shining!  Success if you ask me :):)

So I was awake around 430 am; someone in my bed was awfully loud and it wasnt me.  Didnt really sleep after HE was awake and so when the alarm went off at 530 I was still pretty groggy.  GOt ready to go, got the kids all up and out the door by 630 ish.  Took them to the grands, picked up friends, and off to Halifax!

We got to the Metro Center rather early and were able to get good parking so we left our bags in the car rather than checking them which saved us a lot of time and stress in line ups.  Stretched a bit, took in the atmosphere, and said hi to a few friends on the way to the bathrooms and back. Multiple times.  My routine is 3 times hehehe. One of those has to be ON the start line. (well not RIGHT on the line; there are portapotties there).

We made our way up to the start line as instructed and realised as we walked WAY around all these fences that going out another door would have been more efficient. It was a long walk around.  Then we were corralled into the start chute.  This was awful. the Half Marathon people were also crowding in which meant afew things...since they were leaving after us, they took up space; we had to squeeze around them; they were sometimes trying to get out of the tightly fenced in start line, so were going against traffic and were just so standing there preventing us from getting to the start. SIGH. 
Finally heard the start...it was like Get ready POP gunshot sort of noise....I was like...what happened to Set?

And it took us 4 minutes of weaving to get to the start line. So much for our official time being close to chip time.  SIGH.

And Right out of the gate the dodging started. Yes walkers started at the front of the pack. I dunno, I think unofficial etiquette dictates slow people, walkers, and STROLLERS start at the back of the runners.  Its great that all are out there but be realistic with your start position!  I can never get into a rhythm if I am constantly dodging people!  ITs terrible, really.  And then there were dogs. One lady had 2 of them...leashed, sure but a total hazard with the leashes. SIGH. I avoided her.
Then there was Nantucket Hill. lol steep and really long it went on forever. Now we were passing people on their way back in large numbers. 
So first 2 km were a tiny bit hilly but hard to notice with all the dodging and running on the sidewalk. A lot of cars parked in DO NOT PARK HERE places so to avoid I ran on the sidewalk a fair bit.  Crowds were light and supportive. All good. A few turns here and there but not terribly crowded.  I did get someone's elbow in the head. Tall people swinging elbows are a hazard.  And people who jump to the side. SIGH.
Just after 3 km I was feeling a little tired.  Which should not have happened lol. Maybe it was irritable LOL I dunno, It passed quickly and I managed here to feel as tho I was finally settling into a good rhythm.  Turned and started up onto the bridge. Not so tired here and this side was a more gradual slope; was able to pass a lot of people on this side of the bridge who stopped to walk and tie shoes. In the middle of the road.

Part way across the bridge we met the leaders of the 10 K race already on their way back OMG.  LOL nice to see them go. 

On the other side of the bridge was an awful bottle neck and terrible crush to get to the water tables. Honestly didnt want a water but totally got pushed over by crush of people rudely pushing....and grabbed a water as I went to wet my mouth. It was HOT.  Not complaining but a little wet for my dry mouth was ok. Walked about 15 seconds there until crowd cleared a little. 

After the bridge was Nantucket Hill.  Ugh. Steep, and it went on forever!  And ever!  lol.  at top, just past 5 km, was a turn onto a side road where we had a turnaround a pylon at 6 km :) nice to know that hill was over and there were only 4 km left!  I checked pace; going well here.  Motored up that hill without a problem.  :) passed a lot of walking people.
Downhill to the bottom of the bridge was a nice rest and a chance to pick up some speed :) saved a few minutes there.

Also back through the water zone was slightly less of a bottle neck.  Grabbed a cup because it was RIGHT in front of me but again just wet my mouth (hot hot hot hot hot) and didnt even stop running that time. Wasn't trying to get much into me and didnt care if I spilled some lOL.  saw one chick in a white tank top grab Gatorade...hehehe whoops she should have stopped running.

through the water area and now facing the other side of the bridge; this was my wall last year; it was raining and foggy; and the wind was blowing us back and sideways terribly.  This year sunny and bright and me feeling awesome; chugged right up and again passed tonnes of people; just really wish that people who are stopping would haul it over to the side. They had the bridge divided by 2/3 other side 1/3 this side; unfortunately the crowd had not thinned on the return side (now my side) so we were very crammed and I ran some on the other side of the Pylons to avoid more swinging elbows.

Up to the top of the bridge and back down the other side downhill nice :):) Only 2 km left. Passing walking people.  I kicked it up a bit knowing only 2 km left and a bit more gradual downhill before the flat and then the long slope uphill to the finish line.  at about 1 km left I passed people who were walking; I totally would be running that last bit even if I was beat because unless you intend to walk, who walks into a finish chute? Ok lots of you. Whatever. LOL

Came up that last hill giving it all; wasnt going to finish feeling "great" and with energy.  Leave it all out there.  Last 2 km were done in about 11 minutes :):) yay me!

Finished and checked Garmin: 59:47!  My goal was under and hour and that's like 5 minutes off last year almost!  AWESOME improvement!  I was totally pumped to finish at goal! lol

Spent a little time afterwards chatting and grabbing a few snacks before we left and went....shopping ;) Dropped the ladies off and went to a BBQ then a nap then a Ball Hockey Game. Monday was a TIRED day lol. But Sunday was awesome!

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