Sunday, September 14, 2008

Run on Hills

Last Friday night I took a class at the gym called Rock Bottom. I wondered if that meant you hit rock bottom, or if it gives you a rock bottom. Its the latter, naturally.
I usually leave classes and the gym in general feeling like I didnt get much of a work out. That must be because I am in such superb shape.
But when I left that class, my legs were shaking. Its alllll about the squats and lunges and stepping and crunching. AND IT HURT.

Friday night my body was tired but still ok. Actually, Saturday morning it was ok too. I even went to my second Yoga class. But by Saturday night, I was pretty miserable.

So the best way to feel better, is obviously to go for a run, right? Work through the pain. The pain is your friend.
and to make matters even more rediculous, we ran the park. HILLS. Totally up down up up up down up up up...and then down.
Tonya and I went over 6 km and ran the entire way, not stopping. It was easier to keep going than to stop. And we did 5 k in about 33 minutes or so, which is a good time for both of us.

It was a great run. Im going to run more often :)

This is my photo for September:

Excuse the slant lol
this was taken in the first week of September. of COURSE I picked a flattering outfit. Sheesh. what do you expect?

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