Monday, September 29, 2008

September 29

After class I went running with Chris today who runs marathons (think Boston) and kinda told me I lack the killer instinct. I was trying to get across that Im not so much trying to improve my times, as just keep going. And Im not sure He was getting that because he again mentioned my lack of a winning attitude ;) ah well
I think if I keep running with Chris I am going to get my long long runs in, whether I like it or not. CAuse I mentioned, he runs marathons. And what we ran today was A slow as turtles for him, and B likely very short. Im not sure how one does it. I mean, where do people find the time to run so far? it takes me a long time to get anywhere and I dont always have chunks of time to do that in :) So in the meantime I will keep paddling along and just keep going. I keep thinking Im going faster SIGH but Im not.
So today we ran out the trail and back up Truro Heights Road and down the connector. If we had ran right back up to my house it would have been really close to 10 km but I stopped part way up Minerva. lol
very few walk breaks also. I didnt get winded but I did get very sore hips.

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