Friday, June 10, 2011

Running Since the Relay

has been super hit and miss.  Life has been busy; very busy. And Ive been tired. Super tired. Im not sleeping well and I cannot seem to get to sleep at a decent time at night. Mornings are still coming early, despite late nights.  It's a trend I would like to see change LOL. 

Since work stopped things have not slowed down at all. Things still go on, soccer has hit full gear, and the kids still have school which means, really, nothing has changed except after the rush of getting the kids to school, I come home to do stuff instead of going to the college.

I have still not managed to restart P90X despite my intentions to every day.
Ive not gotten to the pool like I wanted to; there is always something to do and days like today when I should be there; I ran instead. And I could go later but I just cannot seem to convince me to go back into town at noon. LOL

I will try to break it down day by day so I can see where I am going wrong and can fix my day LOL

Monday after the relay was a rest day. I woke up with a super sore left hand; index finger and knuckle hurting a lot. I can barely lift a cup of coffee with that hand.  Ball hockey injury? I dont remember a hit or a weird shot....weird.
Tuesday I got out for a nice run; it was sunny and not cold once I got out there. Cold has taken on a whole new meaning, considering it's not January anymore and Im so very happy about that. Do so wish the rain would let up; it has rained some most days for over a month SIGH. 8.5 km on the Valleydale Road route; 53:37 minutes (still tired. Resting.)
I did housework and kid stuff and played some ball later that night; not much tho so I didnt even put it on the calendar.
Wednesday I went to the city with Scott and completely forgot to go to Costco. That was my entire reason for going lol. Sheesh.  Once home, I did after supper go for a fast run up the hill and back before meeting the Glenabbey Drive Run Club lol 5.75 km in 32 minutes (more or less) and then a leisurely 2 km. 
Thursday I didnt run. I have NO idea why not; the weather was nice after a brilliant storm the night before. Our power was off until lunch time and I snuggled in bed with a book rather than running. I had an upset stomach and no was disturbing.  Again no idea why I did not run later in the evening. Time is getting away from me. Must have been busy with stuff....

Friday morning I dressed for running before School drop off and took the dog with me; we went from the Jr high to the park and ran the trails. HILLS!  I miss the trails.  It was fairly leisurely again; the dog seems to be having some limps and I waited for her sometimes while she was sniffing bushes. She loves the park.  And so well behaved!
7.6 km 54:39 minutes. 
Friday night was Holly's first soccer game in Antigonish. Long drive!  They played really well and won that game 2-1.  Late getting to bed that night.

Satuday June 4; I have trouble remembering these days LOL.  OK Scott was puttering around somewhere and disappeared for hours. We did yard stuff and house stuff and during a short period of he's home, I went for a fast 5.2 km run 32 minutes including warming up.  Had company for a bit; kept my cousin for the night so the kids could enjoy some more leisurely time.  :)
Sunday morning the kids all went to Old Barns so I could have a long run; I planned 18 km but mapped out more and finished up the hill with a change of route with 19 km still....little long but I felt ok. The weather was cool enough and I had water in the belt; was very hungry when I got home. I had some belly discomfort part way through thanks to being hungry but it was ok and I had 3 walk breaks and walked a little of the hill up to the house (just a short walk; I was tired LOL)  19 km 2:06:33 ick. 
Played ball hockey that night after having a scrapbooking class all afternoon; not well planned. STILL tired from that I swear LOL
Monday was rest day; I spent the best part of the day cleaning Scott's REALLY messy nasty car out.  Seriously, never seen anything like it. Was not finished after the first day lol.
Tuesday; hmm why didnt I run on Tuesday? LOL.  I dont remember; it just didnt happen I guess.  I finished cleaning Scott's car...yes it did take 2 days; in the middle I went to School to see Taylor off on her French Class Trip; 4 days away!  SAD!  Picked up the kids then came back and finished the inside of the car; washed the outside later on while it was raining.  Not that it mattered. Annika had hockey in the evening (in the rain) and Scott took Holly to 4H.
Wednesday AHhhhh I did run.  I again dressed before School drop off and I went right out from the library; ran to Cheesefactory and back for 8.2 km just under 50 minutes.  I felt really tired; maybe because of too many days off; too much going on in between.
I then finished cleaning the house and got everything ready for a BBQ; Scott was away but the littles and I hosted the entire Cross Country running team for some food before heading off to soccer for Holly and the awards for me.  IT WAS LONG.  3 + hours of speeches and awards; I had to hand out the awards for our team and Ive never attended the awards before; someone told me I would not have to talk but I DID!  I had to talk a little about the team and then why each member got their awards. I LOVED handing them their awards LOL.  Few surprises.  I got to present a favorite runner (ok they were all favorites) a special award and talk about her (in front of 60,000 parents and athletes) which was a thrill for me to get to remind people why she is so great; 3 people on my team got special awards including athlete of the year; Runners rock!
Late late night for me and the kids and the neighbors who kept the kids while I was gone. These speeches had kept me from sleeping for at least 2 nights; anxiety about the rest took care of the previous week.
Go team!

Thursday I did the unthinkable; after the kids went to school I went back to bed.  I didnt sleep; I just layed there wishing I was sleeping.  LOL.  After the awards Wed night I cleaned up from the bbq and did some puttering while the dogs did their running around and by the time I got to bed it was super late. I was still a little hyped up and didnt sleep too good again.I treated myself to part of the morning in bed before I got up; I planned a run but was surprised (only a little) by a visit from a friend for lunch and then it was time to get the small kids and we had appointments at the chiropractor and then a stop at the library, home from some tree trimming, supper, and back out the door to soccer game (Annika) and then practice (Holly) where I played goalie like a rock star *giggle* and then home where there was garbage to put out, dogs to clean up after, house to set straight; I only got the garbage done really, then the littles had to go to bed and they were following me around putting out the garbage so I climbed into bed with them and once they were asleep I dealt with the dogs before getting to sleep myself.

That alarm rang very early this morning. once again I considered just staying in bed and turning it off but I knew I would regret is so I got the kids up and off to school, dressed for my run so I could not turn back; I parked at the Big Stop and ran up the hill, down to the trail, back to town, and up the hill to the Big Stop again; finishing 8 km in 49 minutes.  Not bad for all those hills and I had only planned a 6 km easy run anyway :) Just to get back out.
I felt really awesome while running; no walk breaks, no trouble with hills. I may be catching up a little.  Ive felt more energetic ever since.

So Tell me, why have I not started P90X back up? I KNOW I want to! LOLOL

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You look awesome Terri Lynn... really!!

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