Monday, June 27, 2011

Still Chuggin' along

Making plans and keeping on running.....
The weather has not been at all hot which I suppose if Im running is a good thing BUT it has been SO wet, and we are not getting other things done that we should be, like lawn work and flowers.

Taking up where last note left off...
It was a Saturday in the middle of nowhere and stuff had to get finished....
I barely remember the morning but I mowed the lawn in the afternoon for a couple of hours. That's not running but it is some serious walking ;) I enjoy lawn's good for ya.
But we went to Halifax that evening and had some seriously decadent supper at Five Fisherment; I had Swordfish for the first time and it is SOOOOO good. Too bad it costs so much!

ok That is Saturday. Im SO far behind, I should just give up! lol

Quick Stuff to get to fun stuff:
Sunday - Ball Hockey.  We won out game 2-0 which is great fun ;)

Monday I swam 2 km. This laps thing can be super boring.  Im not so sure about it but thinking some open water lake swimming this summer might be more fun.  Will see.

Tuesday was Long run day since I didnt get a long run on the weekend.  And needed one before the next weekend.  The weather was nice; I did 14 km (I do not really remember where I bet it was the long loop around Pictou Road and across Village Line Road).  It was ok; 1:29.  Dont remember much.

I guess Wednesday was a rest day. I dont remember it.

Thursday apparently was a tempo run. 8.4 km in 50:50, and the first 8 km were in 47:38.  Wonder where I went that day? Maybe up to the Cream Horse.

Friday morning I swam 2 km with Deb water jogging; that was nice :)
That evening we had a ball hockey game where we lost 4-1 SIGH.  lol

Saturday I went for a bike ride with Jillian; her first time on her new bike. My legs were tired; she kicked my butt on hills LOL.  Rest for some of the rest of the day; working on shed and Scott was away so I got to lift and hold and run around for supplies; we went to New Glasgow later in the afternoon to register me for the Johnny Miles run (10K) and then supper and home for Taylor to babysit. Not so early to bed for me!

Which brings us to the Johnny Miles 2011 run :)

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