Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sweat Your Thorns Off Run; Moving On!

Getting back into the groove...too bad it took so long; now the heat is actually starting to appear. I am not finding it overly warm but I know it is coming, so the early morning runs are going to have to begin. Meaning go to bed early and get up early, and if you can, grab a nap. Ahh summer.

The day after Johnny Miles was a rest day. The pool was closed so there was no swimming. And I didnt go biking. Last full week of school for the kids, so lots of busy going on there (although not much "work").  Did try to make the most of the free time. :)  Monday night I played ball. It wasnt a complete failure ;)

Tuesday a nice 6.4 km run (up the hill and back down maybe?)  in 40:05.  This seems to be the time I am stuck at.  LOL

Wednesday I had no run, and just went to soccer practice with Holly, left early to go to a ball game.  A better ball game.

Thursday I headed out for 8 km but went another way and went 10 km instead. It was HOT.  But a pleasant run, not a strenuous one tho. :) 1:03:30. 

Friday up the hill and back again, 6.4 km 39:03.  actually put a little effort into the middle section of that. Friday night was ball hockey night; we had a good game against a tough team but we down 1-0 until near the end of the second period (i think) when I caught a nice pass in front of the net and put that thing into the net.  Yay team!

Friday night we had company :D The Carreau's are back in town!  we had good dinner, conversation, drinks!

Saturday morning!  After getting up slowly and slacking majorly Lavinia and I went out for a great run :)
I joined the Boring Runner's Sweat Your Thorns Off 5 K run.  Apparently this theme does not apply to NS because there was nothing sweaty about my run. This weather has been CRAP! LOL I think I had on a long sleeved shirt and capris!  Not so sweaty. 
We warmed up for about a km, then took off (again up the stinkin' Hill) for a quick 5 K run!  I tried really hard to sweat my thorns off! LOL
Totally forgot to make a race number but Im firmly number 777! LOL
After the 5 km in about 28 minutes we cooled off all the way up the hill for another .6 km and finished with 6.6 km in 40:30.  Saturday run in!

The rest of Saturday passed in a blur!  Actually most of my time has lately passed in a blur LOL. 

Sunday morning is long run time!  Jillian and I met in Salmon River and ran the Harmony Ridge!  Freaking 8 km of uphill followed by about 5 of downhill; with some added jigs around some loops and finished 21 km in about 2:10.  Time not bad.

I started out feeling SUPER tired.  My legs were dead. LOL at the start I was very clogged up (allergies?) and had some trouble catching my breath but that cleared up by about 5 km in.  I had taken Reactine (or something) and it was kicking in; but it leaves me pasty mouthed LOL.  I left water at the end of my road to refill my water bottle as we passed but I didnt bother.  I didnt finish my water until we were finished anyway.

Once we hit the top of Harmony Ridge I felt like crying; like the end of a race!  LOL  Suddenly my legs were less tired and heavy and I felt great all the way to the bottom, where we ended our run! GREAT long run :):)

Monday = Rest day.Soccer in Antigonish for Holly.

Tuesday - Nice HOT 22C 6.5 km run AGAIN up the hill.  40:48.  Not so great but it was 10:45 in the morning and super hot.  Ball game at night.

Wednesday - midweek long run.  Had to get up at 6 to get this run in, but at least the weather was more tolerable temperatures and humidities. It's super nice at that time of the day.  12 km loop in 1:16:38...the time isnt important tho! lOL legs still somewhat tired.  It was a good run anyway....very easy.

Ok Im caught up. Will do a better job!

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Adam said...

Long sleeved shirt and capris!? :) I'm totally jealous.

Nice work pushing through the pain - not fun at all!

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