Monday, October 20, 2008

Oct 20

Ugh its been 12 days since I last ran. 12 long, sleepless days and nights. And its gotten a lot colder in those; 12 days. what a great time of year; cold and rainy; I should not complain since really our weather has been ok and it was just drizzly tonight lol
Anyway ran tonight, thouight i would do a nice short run while Taylor was at swimming; Ran around town and was thinking it would be a slow 4 km; I got to the drug store near the pool to buy shampoo for Princess and wouldnt you know it was closed so I had to run up to the other drug store at the other end of the road and added 2 km onto the run. It was slow and painful lol. Had a nice bath to celebrate!!

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Legs and Wings said...

Somehow found your blog - there aren't many of us runners here in NS that blog about the ups and downs of running.

Hope you find new inspiration and get back out there soon.

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