Tuesday, November 4, 2008

SO Hard to get back up on this pony

Trying to get going again after being un-running so much lately is really hard! It's almost harder than starting the first time. :( Because I know how hard it was to build up to longer and longer runs.
But Im really trying to keep going after all this time and work I dont want to stop. I need to make more time in a day. I need to work harder to get the runs done.

November 3: ran while Taylor was at swimming; did 3 10's and 1 minute walk between. It wasnt hard but I figure I should build back up again. Running in the dark was a little different and although I liked it, I might want to stick to better lit places than the trail. Almost got hit by a car who didnt stop on the cross walk. Ugh. That was well lit.

Trying again for Wednesday.

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