Saturday, November 8, 2008

Friday November 7

Ran 35 minutes in the pouring rain. It was not raining when I left home. and I didnt really mind it at first. But it got very dark and I realised the people in this neighborhood drive like maniacs! Its like every corner is an opportunity to see how well the car grips the road at excessive speeds. UGH. So I was running on the side in puddles as deep as my ankles and it was NOT a good experience. When I got back to Wilson Mountain road (dirt aka mud rivers) I was just like THIS sucks. And it is all up hill and I was soaked. I was pissy. Then Scott came along home and picked me up, and I stripped and showered and felt somewhat better. not a terribly successful run. I should have waited for Saturday. Who knew? Maybe I will go again. Or to the gym. Yeah the gym. haha

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