Sunday, October 4, 2009

CIBC Run for the Cure 2009

Despite the rain and wind was a pretty good event; I didnt find Shelley there and that was really disapopinting since I was there to run with her:(
We got there early for once which was pretty amazing considering we have lateness issues lol. We looked around for ages and didnt find anyone we knew, actually. And I know there were other people there. I mean, that I know.

But by the time the run was starting I hadnt found Shelley SIGH. Bummer. Its like the one day a year Ive seen her for the past 2 years! :(:(

So I ran the run, trying to stay at a hard working pace and using the downhills to pick up some rest and lower time; the uphills were plentifull but I didnt really find them difficult. There was a point at about 3.5 km that I was regretting the pace but it passed and it was good.

Finished up the last corner and knew there as no way it was going to be a 5 km race SIGH. Bummer because I was on a really good pace. Last year I did the 4.8 km in 30:27 minutes; This year it was 28:21 minutes! Im happy with that; average a 5:54 minutes per km pace. That's excellent for me lol Speed just isnt my thing but Ive been working on it!

Went to Cora's for lunch then bought a new sport bra and went home. SLEEPY.

Now I still have to get my long run in for this week and I have NO idea when I will do that.

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scarlet said...

You look like you really had fun. I want to experienced it too.

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