Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mid Week Run

I really need to get more than one run a week in. Ran Sunday then not again until Wednesday evening; a little late now to be worrying lol
Wednesday night a nice run from the pool to home; didnt want to run up our hill so I added a few side roads through Truro and ended up .5 km over :) its all good.

Still having a lot of coughs; felt rather out of breath a lot of the run. Rested at 3 km to catch breath and stretch then ran the rest more easily and comfortably. it was a good run.
Wish I had gotten a Tuesday run in; I finished this month 3 km short of getting a new monthly record ;) 117.24 km for the month.

Im amazed at home dark it is getting now; I mean I know it was like 7 pm in September but it seemed dark! lol Daylight savings time is coming!

Maybe get a run in on Friday then long run on Saturday and the CIBC Run for the Cure is Sunday; a nice little warm up run :)

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