Thursday, October 29, 2009

Intervals again

if not doing these regularly, Im not sure they do any good. But Im feeling amazing amounts of pressure to be getting under 6 minutes a km for the Cabot Trail Relay in May (I know, 7 months away) and I dont know if I can get that out of my head. So for the next 7 months Im going to be attempting to run my ass off and get used to staying under 6 minutes. Its torture. Im not fast. SIGH.

So I did intervals tonight; 6X400 and not tooooo fast since I was on a lot of hills but a little faster than usual and I suppose that is all one can work on. 6.8 km in 44 minutes with a warm up of about 9 minutes, then intervals with one walk break in the middle, then about a 12 minute cool.

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Anonymous said...

*claps* Yay you!!! I need to get back out on a track soon....or....just back out and running. Haha. Congrats on your running!

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