Sunday, October 18, 2009

Recovery in Progress

Finally starting to feel better even tho I am still coughing up more crap than I would have liked at this point; cough has definitely calmed down a little! :D

Did 8.5 km Thursday night this week, little better than Monday; LSD Sunday was only 10 km this week; dont want to be completely dead lol. And fatique is definitely a factor. :(

When i went to leave for my run today I turned out the driveway and felt VERY sick; weird since I had been fine before; but i was SURE I was going to throw up. I managed to make it past the neighbor's front yard and the feeling passed. But I continued to feel woozy for most of the run.

Ran up Old Court House Branch; now I thought that looked like an absolutely horrible hill and had never tried it before; it actually wasnt that bad at all. I will make more use of that hill. About a km and it has steep parts but not long; it was actually very manageable. Should have tried it ages ago. Ran down College Road and up Prince to Hockeyville where Scott had finished his hockey game and he took me home :)

Missing the PEI Marathon experience today; I am pretty sure I never would have made it anyway SIGH but I wish things had been different :( Lavinia qualified for Boston and Rob got 3rd overall in the half marathon there; good for them!

Restarting week 6 in the training this week in preparation for Dec 6 in Vegas!! WHOOOOO!

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