Sunday, September 27, 2009

LSD Sunday Sept 27

3 weeks to Half Marathon #2!!! Im feeling pretty confident about this one! I dont necessarily think I will beat my time in the Johnny Miles! But I do believe, that I will survive it! HAHAH
Long run today was in good weather (7C ish) and cloudy. 18 Km was mapped out more or less; running right from our house to the InLaws in OB was not far enough! Can you imagine? So a few side roads in Truro added a km or so, and then adding .5 at the end running towards the church past the house trail added the last bit needed to get 18 km in.

Health update? Still have a chest cold but feeling better than I was Thursday and Friday. Cough is less, achiness is less. Feeling ok over this run.

No idea what clothing I will wear. I was pretty comfy today in a cotton tank top (lace on runner! HAHAHA) and a long sleeve wicking shirt (Johnny Miles shirt from last year). I got a sore spot on a toe last week from my new sneakers so not sure also which sneakers I will wear in the run. Try to get some more runs in this week with the new sneakers on.

Wondering if the socks were pulled on too tight making toes sore lol. No new blisters or anything today.

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